I am extremely humbled at the amount of requests and inquiries on mentoring with me. It's amazing, because that's how I got started! Mentoring someone who I looked up to, not only artistically, but as a person and the way she managed her business like a boss. I love helping and teaching as much as possible, so I'm excited to meet you and help you on this crazy and rewarding journey through portrait photography.

Skype Sessions

Want to chat for an hour or two? You can ask me anything, and I'll try and help as much as I can! I shoot Nikon and edit images with Lightroom, so I wouldn't be much help with Photoshop or Canon, but I can help with post processing ideas and workflow, as well as any general questions about sessions, social media, or the business in general.

Skype Sessions - $50 / hr.

Live Mentoring Sessions

Do you want to come to one of my sessions? This includes a full hour before the session, going over basics, nerves, general questions you have for me about portrait sessions. Next, you'll actually attend and take images during the session with my live clients. They'll know in advance that you're learning, but you can see how a portrait session goes and use content for your social media or website. These can include family sessions, boudoir sessions, maternity sessions, or engagement sessions. (Boudoir requires special permission, and no usage of images online)

Live Mentoring Sessions - $150 (hour before session, + hour of shooting)

"I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity to mentor with you! I was so happy I chose to mentor during one of your boudoir mini shoots. The entire day, start to finish, was such a great learning experience. As a new photographer, it was so beneficial to be able to walk through the day and learn about setup, vendors, client relations and more importantly how to direct clients and have a successful shoot. Your detail with props, lighting, music, and and even champagne for the girls was just perfect. I think what I learned most was just being comfortable as a photographer. You showed me so much about being comfortable during the shoot and more importantly helping the clients to be comfortable. All of this led to some pretty incredible pictures, yours and mine!!! I can’t wait to have another mentoring session very soon!!" - Lisa Larson

Wedding Mentoring Sessions

Want to see what a full wedding day is like? Come along with me! You can come learn on an actual wedding day, from start to finish! Myself and my second shooter will be tasked with documenting the day, but you are able to take images throughout the day for your website and portfolio. We will also be in contact before the day of the wedding, I can walk you through what happens before the wedding, after the couple books. We can talk about what gear to use, settings, timelines, anything!  This is NOT an assisting job, it's strictly for learning.

Wedding Mentoring Sessions - $400 8 hr. day / $500 10 hr. day

"I have been a lifestyle and family photographer for 7 years now, and have been wanting to kick off my wedding photography business but didn’t quite know where to start.  I have always loved Sarah’s quality of work, but the feeling of her photography is what made me want to reach out!  When I asked Sarah if I could possibly assist her with a wedding and she had said she was starting the mentor program, I thought this is the perfect for me and I jumped at the chance!  I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to observe a wedding day from start to finish and see a photographer I love at work. It really was so much more then that!  Sarah was available and quick to respond with any questions I had prior to the wedding day I was to assist. We emailed back and forth, met via Facetime, and she made sure I had a outline of the day so I felt more then prepared and comfortable showing up on the actual wedding day.  The day of the wedding I was planning on mostly being a fly on the wall, but I was able to shoot the entire day along side her or her second shooter!!!  I saw from the bride getting ready, groom shots, group shots, bridals, the ceremony, all the way to the reception and bride/groom exit. She was right there with me the entire time sharing tips and tricks, and always available to answer any questions I had. Since I was already very comfortable with my camera this was great in that I could ask her the specific questions I needed answered really making the mentoring session catered to me specifically and my needs for growing as a photographer. Some examples of this through out the day were; what lenses to use in what settings, camera settings during tricky lighting situations, the right etiquette with clients throughout the day, and both on camera and off camera flash. More then anything else I always felt really comfortable with Sarah, her personality is upbeat, fun, and infectious!  She made me feel like part of the team right away, and I never felt awkward or out of place! I felt like Sarah truly invested the time and interest not only in helping me grow as a photographer but getting to know me on a personal level as well.  I walked away not only with a TON of knowledge about shooting a wedding day but I felt like with a true friend as well! Sarah you are the absolute best and thank you so much for everything!  If you are thinking about mentoring with Sarah, just do it!  She is amazing and you will not regret it, it is 100% worth the time and investment and I would do it again in a heartbeat!” - Candace Palfreeman