I am currently not booking elopements ! I will re-look at booking elopements come 2020, please contact me then if you get engaged and are planning an elopement stateside or international. Thank you!


did you just get engaged and are feeling the pressure to have a big wedding, but you don't know if a big wedding is for you?       

one word for you....elope.....and bring me ;)

Yes, I had a big wedding and it was SO fun. But, I'm not going to lie - there's a part of me and my husband that wonder what it would've been like to run away to an island somewhere and get married. Weddings bring a ton of stress, and take up a lot of time and energy, a lot of people are thinking about eloping but don't pull the trigger.

I'd like to help you! I'm crazy about elopements and the romantic aspect of them, and my husband and I both love to travel - so I'm offering discounts for elopements! 

In 2018, I went to Paris with a Bride and Groom and absolutely loved every minute, so I want to try and do at least one elopement a year, out of the country or stateside.

Reach out to me, let me know where you're thinking of going, you'll pretty much only have to pay for a hotel and flight for me, and my husband will tag along! We're super fun to hang out with also, so that's a bonus.