Sparklers and Smoke Bombs

I don't know where to start, with how much I love this session and these images. Chaya and Shae's engagement session was amazing! They were so much fun, and up for anything. Chaya originally had the idea of balloons, which I adored, so I raced to Party City right before the shoot, and filled my car with 25 balloons ready to go! I saw a fireworks store next to Party City, so I stopped in there to grab some sparklers and smoke bombs, because I knew they'd be up for it! Although at one point during the shoot, a smoke bomb did shoot into Chaya's face, but she was not harmed! We all laughed about it and just started lighting more, because the effect was too cool not to keep going! 

Shae proposed to Chaya on a private boat cruise in Charleston, SC- SO romantic, I know! He had her ring custom designed the way that she'd always dreamed of, and also included their birth stones in the band. He is so thoughtful, and always thinking of her. 

Their chemistry that night was so natural, I didn't have to do any work! You guys are made for each other, and I know your dream wedding in October is going to be perfect:)